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Commonwealth Hand & Physical Therapy is rated 4.9 out of 5.0 based on 312 ratings.

Professional, friendly, and courteous staff from the front counter to the therapy stations. Personalizing treatment by remembering your name.
James Powell
Simply the best. They have knowledgeable staff who make recovery easy. They have all the tools and more to get you back to new.
Beth Hamilton
Markus Heinonen
Danny Valentine
Harold taylor
Donald Douglass
Charlie Harmon
Went here for therapy post surgery and worked with Hillary- from the very first time I walked in and met her I knew she was going to be awesome. Not only was she extremely personable but she's also helpful, professional, and educated. I would spent 2 hours there, each time, and The whole visit was always like I was hanging out with a bunch of friends. It was something I looked forward to. Hillary helped ease my anxiety about getting back to what I love ( working out) post surgery and also helped me get back into doing my job without pain (I am a paramedic!) I owe her (and everyone there) more than I could ever explain in a google review. I was self pay too (since my insurance sucks) so you know I spent a good amount on this hand therapy - and I still would not change any of it...because they are just THAT GOOD. Don't waste time anywhere else, if your post hand surgery..go here, always.... <3
City Awake
Highly Recommend! We had to bring my 10 yr old for a small baseball injury and I’d have to tote my younger two to every apt and you couldn’t ask for a nicer staff, my kids looked forward to these appointments. Would certainly recommend this PT for anyone who has to have a child do PT
Joy Dineen
Steve Jennings

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