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At Commonwealth Hand & Physical Therapy, we help patients with comprehensive care for upper extremity conditions, such as hands, wrists, shoulders, and elbows as well as physical therapy for neck, back, hip, and lower extremities.

Our certified hand therapists, as well as our physical therapist, strive to help each client regain function and improve their condition. Our goal is always to provide clients with personalized care tailored specifically for their needs. Through specialized services, we can help you recover from complications dealing with sprains, arthritis, surgery, and more. Our staff will treat you like family the minute you walk in the door. With personalized care and a warm smile, we want to help you. Visit our Lexington, Georgetown, Berea, or London clinics today!

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Commonwealth Hand and Physical Therapy are in the top 5% in functional outcomes across the nation in both physical therapy and hand therapy. If you are ever in need due to lingering issues or have questions that need answers, we are here to help you. Give us a call or sign up for a quick complimentary consultation with your primary therapist. We are dedicated to making sure you feel as good as you did the day you left us and remain on the path to recovery.

Kind Words from Our Patients

“Exceptional care and service, true professionals who completely understand the workings of the arm and hand. Since starting therapy there, I’ve seen great progress in my rehabilitation and the extent of work being done with me it’s beyond expectations.”

- Sanford A. (Google Review)


✨Custom Wrist Gauntlet✨

💡A very versatile orthotic used in the hand therapy world which can be utilized for a variety of conditions. There are a few different ways to fabricate this depending on the individualized need of the patient. The orthotic in this video is fabricated with the wrist in a neutral position.

💥 Common conditions that the wrist gauntlet is used for include carpal tunnel, wrist fractures, TFCC ligament injuries, and many more!

This orthotic was fabricated by Savannah, one of our occupational therapists at our Georgetown facility. Come check us out at any of our five locations most convenient for you! 💙👋🏼

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Please be cautious in all your firework endeavors 🧨👋

At our Georgetown location, John Wright Polk IV, PT, DPT, OCS received an outstanding 5-star review for delivering excellent care. It is encouraging to hear when our team members are helping clients meet their goals!

Are you feeling pain or discomfort? Contact us at any of our locations for a free consultation!

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Please warmly welcome one of our newest additions to the team, Sheila Hall! Sheila is a Physical Therapist with over 20 years of experience in various settings. She will be treating patients in our Berea location! Welcome to the team, Sheila! 🎉👏💙

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➡️After an injury or surgery, the nerves in the skin surrounding the injured area can become overly sensitive. This can cause pain or discomfort along scars and the affected area. 

👏🏼Desensitization is a method in which you apply different stimuli to the affected area. Over time, the brain acclimates to the sensation which decreases the body’s pain response. 

⭐️There are 3 types of desensitization that we like to use: electrical, mechanical, and activity based. These are graded depending on what the individual is able to tolerate and what is appropriate for them.

Electrical = TENS to help desensitize the nervous system. Mechanical = paraffin, vibration, massage, and graded textures. Activity based = functional activities to promote normal daily activities and movement.

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Check out another stellar review from one of our recent patients! 🐎💙

If you have had a similar experience at any of our clinics, please leave us a review on Google!

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At our Berea location, Alex Vaughan, PT, DPT received a glowing 5-star review for delivering exceptional care. It`s always great to hear when our team members make a positive impact on someone`s life! 💙

Feeling discomfort or pain? Contact us at any of our locations for a free consultation!

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Check out this glowing review from one of our recent patients! 👋💙

Please share your experience by leaving us a review on Google! ✍

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Shout out to our incredible CHPT team! The reason behind our work is driven by stories of success, much like this one! 💙

Please share your experience by leaving us a review on Google! ✍

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Please help us welcome another new addition to the team, Ciara Snowden! Ciara is an Occupational Therapist treating at our Waller Ave location in Lexington! 🎉👏💙 ...

Best of luck to Kirsten, one of our rockstar technicians, as she competes at Nationals this weekend for Georgetown College Cross Country! 🏃‍♀️💙 ...

Please help us welcome another new addition to the team, Katheryn Fister! Katheryn is an Occupational Therapist treating at our Georgetown location! 🎉👏💙 ...

🇺🇸 Honoring the brave men and women who have served our country on this Veterans Day. Your sacrifice and courage do not go unnoticed. Thank you for protecting our freedom. #VeteransDay #Gratitude 🙏🏽🎗️ ...

Please help us welcome one of our newest members of the team, Rachel Palmgren! Rachel is a Physical Therapist working at our Georgetown location! 🎉👏💙 ...

Please help us welcome one of our newest members of the team, Zachary Storms! Zachary is an Occupational Therapist working at our Berea location! 🎉👋💙 ...

The phone lines at the Waller Ave location have been down intermittently over the last few business days. If you are having trouble reaching us, please call the Hamburg (859-551-3381) or the Georgetown (502-642-5400) locations for assistance. Thank you for your understanding while we work through this problem! -CHPT Team ...

Commonwealth Hand and Physical Therapy offers custom splinting for multiple diagnoses and pathologies! Here is Ashley, one of our Occupational Therapists in our London facility, fabricating a hand-based thumb spica orthotic which is used to treat acute and chronic conditions such as thumb cmc arthritis, fractures, sprains, strains and trigger thumb. 💫 👍💙✂ #CHPT #handtherapy #occupationaltherapy #custommade ...

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