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I am grateful, and gratitude should always be expressed, so here is a partial listing of my thanks. I am thankful for:
• The welcoming young women at the front desk – who offered a smile and greeting each time I presented myself with my broken wing.
• The person(s) responsible for filing all those confusing and irritating insurance claims
• The person(s) who keeps track of all the finances, supply ordering, payroll etc.
• Those who keep the building and grounds clean and welcoming
And all other persons who often go unnoticed or affirmed, but their contribution is so very needed.

Then we have the OT folk, and the budding OTers.

It was (and is) a room full of highly skilled, welcoming and delightful persons who had chosen to give their lives to a profession that makes a difference. And during my time there, I observed the wide variety of persons you encounter. And never did I see judging, belittling or devaluing of any individual – even those that resisted what was being asked of them. You offered encouragement and grace. Well done.

You all come from a wide variety of backgrounds and life experiences, but your commitment to the art of OT seemed to blend you together. Plus you did so with respect offered to each other and to your patients. I felt a true surge of hope for the future of this world to see your beautiful young spirits living a life that makes a difference. That TRULY is a life worth living.

And I felt privileged to witness some of the “elders” of your tribe – Greg, Melba and Tim – living out what they teach and watched them being open to continue learning and applying it to their own life journey. I especially loved how much they cared for and affirmed each of the younger OTers. It was a thing of beauty to watch.

And “Papa (Greg) Smurf” seems to be the axis around the whole. Every village needs a Papa Smurf, and Greg seemed to give a true balance of caring, learning, guidance, and accountability. That is a rare combination, which cemented a feeling of trust for my experience and the experience of others.

The overriding word that comes to mind is WELCOMING. You get people in your office at a unbalanced time in their lives. They may feel disempowered, confused, angry, resentful, sad, and a myriad of other emotions. You offer healing not just to the body, but also the mind and spirit. They constantly blend - one into the other - and can support or resist the healing process. (Keep that in mind for your own lives and commit to self-care and balance of your own mind-body-spirit!)

All of my rambling can be summed up more simply – thank you for your care. Thank each one of you for choosing to live a life that offers healing and hope. Thank you for doing it with your whole self. This morning during my prayer time I gave each of you to God for care and keeping. It has been a joy of healing! You are a joy...

Be blessed and be a blessing,
Bonnie Crandall

It has been a privilege to watch all of you work. Every member of staff, no matter what their job may be, treats every patient with genuine care and respect.

The overall atmosphere at Commonwealth Hand Therapy allows the patients, who are often discouraged with their situations, to become encouraged again. This is further backed up by the highest quality of care, education, and skills from all of the therapists.

Your entire team really appears to work very well together and it brings joy to my heart to know that such a work environment and place of service is out there. You really do stand out and that has everything to do with YOU.
Everyone was polite and helpful. Always willing to answer my questions. Went the extra mile.
Lawrenceburg, KY
Awesome people, was great to work with everyone here. How kind friendly and caring everyone here is, they all go above and beyond their jobs.
Nicholasville, KY
Everyone here is so nice and caring. I made improvements with every appointment. I feel as though I have many new friends in the staff.
Lexington, KY
Very happy with all my experiences – wonderful crew/excellent.
Lexington, KY
You guys made a painful experience turn into a great one!
Lawrenceburg, KY
Wouldn’t consider going to any other therapist/group, thank you! To a person, the care, friendliness, consideration and attention to detail is amazing. Excellent staff, knowledge and friendly.
Stamping Ground, KY
The teamwork between all members of the treatment process. Everyone takes a genuine interest in your recovery.
Lexington, KY
Commonwealth Hand Therapy was recommended to me by a co-worker and I will be passing the recommendations on as well.
Danville, KY

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